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A consistently growing number of relationship on the Russian market are starting to work genuinely consequently among Turkey and Russia. This the fact of the matter is connected with the enhancements of exchange relations between the two nations, interest for quality things and drawing in states of supply regarding different direction. Among different nations Turkey holds the sixth situation regarding import to Russia and the fourth to the degree section. Abolishment of visa structure between the two nations from April 17, 2011, settlement of development terms, utilizing traffic systems by procedures for movement of boat association between 12 ports of the Black Sea and railways, improvement of ocean ports, headway of the moving terminals arrange, improvement of customs approaches will add to the reinforcing of exchange relations between the two nations.

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As per checks by specialists by 2015 the volume of outside exchange tasks will increase from 26 billion US dollars the inevitable result of 2010 up to 100 billion US dollars. This surmises the volume of freight transportation from Turkey to Russia will comparably develop each year. The most striking item bought by highway moving administrations in Denver is the going with. Materials, floor covers, food things vegetables, typical thing, oats. Improvement materials, building things this data is likewise declared with examine performed by affiliations. Consequently, as indicated by the information of TLT Group, which administers freight transportation among Turkey and Russia, more than 50 % of all payload of the affiliation are material and second pieces of clothing. Item might be passed on from Turkey through ocean, air and land transport and visit sopick.co.il. Things are generally passed on through ocean and land transport, every so often through air.

Transportation through air is the most costly other choice. It is plausible just if the appraisal of the real payload is extreme or expected to land at objective inside the briefest time conceivable. 90 % of all loads on the space of Turkey are gone on through land transport. Transportation of freight by rail is inadequately made and wholes just to 5 %. Most piece of weight is sent from Turkey to different nations through ocean transport. The space of the country on the coastline of the Black Sea awards to give freight from Turkey to the ports of the Black Sea of Russia or Ukraine through ocean transport inside the most confined time. A streamlined land transport passage to Russia through the Eastern Europe. Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia, Ukraine. It is this way which is utilized for land transportation from Turkey. Right now to the improvement paces of outside money related action volumes Turkey is one of the pioneers among the associate nations of Russia.